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what is a hostel?
Hostels are inexpensive, safe, supervised accommodations for travelers of all ages. Most hostels provide domitory-style shared rooms which are commonly, but not always, separated by gender. Hosteling is popular in part because it offers guests the opportunity to meet other travelers from all over the world and make life-long friendships. For reservations and information please contact the hostels directly via our listings page.

what to expect in alaska.
Alaska is BIG. Big mountains - Denali. Big rivers - the Yukon. Miles of coastline, thousands of glaciers, abundant wildlife. Even when you're in the cities, the great outdoors and nature is close by. Alaska's weather is as varied as the state's geography, with coastal regions tending to have more precipitation and inland being dryer. Even in the summer the days can be cool, so dressing in layers is always recommended. If your plans include a lot of outdoor activity, light rain gear is more than a good idea. There are two species of wild life you need to be mindful of if you're venturing out, mosquitoes and bears. Bug repellant is a necessity in some areas, and bears can be stumbled upon almost anywhere. Mosquitoes have no fear, but bears tend to shy away from people. We strongly recommend reviewing general bear safety practices here. Summer is the time of raising the young, so respect all mama animals and their offspring.

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